Sunday, March 20, 2011

So I'm officially a blogger..

Let me preface with saying that I truly doubt many will read this.. which is alright with me because I will probably accidentally offend the masses with my not so quick witted arguments and redundant photos of my cats, boyfriend, business, etc.

For those of you willing to stick it out with me... Thanks! I mean, how else are we going to vent to nowadays?

Ok, so enough with the satire..

I'm so excited to begin this journey because it should provide some pretty awesome documentation on the growth of my art, my endeavours, and of me as a human.

I will try my hardest to update frequently.. meaning at least twice a month.. haha. I will also try my best to keep things entertaining and keep all my ranting to a minimum.. (dont get excited Curt.. Ill just vent my frustration to you instead) 

Honestly, I am just stoked. This year is kind of like a catalyst for who or what I am soon to become. With college nearing its end, my small makeup studio making its debut, and my passport in hand.. I am pretty much ready to do anything and everything!

So stay tuned..because this will probably be a tumultuous, yet pleasantly addicting ride ;)