Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The glory of wedding season

So I have been a bit absent from the blog sect for a while. I would like to apologize, it has been a crazy past few months. Between wedding season being out of control busy, keeping up to date with my instagram and youtube followers and dealing with family ailments, it has been insane. I want to do a quick update for you all with some detailed info on how to achieve certain looks I have posted recently.


This look I called "Burst" because of its wide eyed appeal and burst of color on the lid. I achieved this look by using a primer on the lid, Filling in my brows with charcoal brown eyeshadow, placing a teal NYX glitter pigment on my lid, then with a blending brush taking orange eyeshadow from MAC through the crease. I later went back through the crease with Embark eyeshadow from MAC and a jet black shadow from Coastal Scents. Apply a heavy mascara application, as well as a set of false lashes (I have two sets on) and you are ready to roll!

Extraordinary Machine

This look was inspired by Fiona Apples famous record Extraordinary Machine. I have loved this gem for years now and while getting some work done in the studio this morning I decided to do an eyeshadow combo reflective of the record. To achieve this look, use the coastal scents palette. Use the deep green tone on the lid, black in the side corner, and MAC eyeshadow cranberry through the crease. Apply false lashes that have a more individual aesthetic and smoke out the bottom with eyeliner.

Graduation makeup

Photography:Tricia Davidge 

Along with Bridal makeup, I have been doing a lot of graduation photo makeup. Here are a couple that I really enjoyed! I absolutely love doing this type of makeup because you really get to find the inner beauty of these amazing women who have reached for and completed goals. Congrats ladies!

I will be posting wedding photos very soon and cannot wait to share with you all!