Thursday, April 12, 2012

Entering the world of YouTube

If managing a household and my own little business, helping my boyfriend with his business, traveling, and working a ton didn't seem like enough to do... don't you worry.. I've now added another venture into my life!

So for a couple of years now I have had fans requesting me to make tutorials on Youtube for them to watch. To be frank, I was more than hesitant in the beginning to divulge information and techniques that I had spent nearly a decade acquiring. Then I had an somewhat of an epiphany; I realized that making these videos could be such great thing for up and coming makeup artists, or fans of mine from out of the state or country that can't make it in my studio for lessons.

No matter where the person is, I want everyone to have access to my little relaxation zone. So with that said, "Welcome to the studio!"

I feel like making these videos is the right thing to do at this moment, and I really want to thank all of my Instagram followers for showing me so much love and support and pushing me to do more with this gift.

I will post a couple of the looks that I have made videos of, and I a going to try very hard to keep up with 1-2 tutorials a month.. but like this blog.. I make no guarantees ;)

All videos can be found at  Please feel free to subscribe :)

I hope to receive feedback from all of my fans and clients to help me create the best videos a complete iMAC newbie can ;)

I know this is a short one, but I just wanted to introduce this new venture. Now with that said.. did I share my new hair? Call me trendy but I am loving the ombre Grace Slagle did on me! Excuse the ompa loompa skin tone.. camera phones and artificial lights= Willy Wonka's dream helper  ;)