Friday, April 29, 2011

Cha Cha Cha Changes..

So, I have two words to sum up the past few months..


Between wrapping up my college studies, focusing wholeheartedly on the makeup business, planning my trip to Haiti, and helping Curt out with the shop.. well, Ive become a bit drained.

All of these new things, all of these new beginnings are such a great blessing.. but sometimes the fact that we are only human catches up with us eventually.

I know that EVERYTHING will pan out. Everything will be beautiful. Everything will have cause. Whether I become able to control each and every aspect of the journey is irrelevant really. Just the idea of becoming. Truly becoming who I am meant to become.

 I know this because thats the way life flows.. within you and without you.

I have found myself becoming increasingly appreciative of the small things. The little delights that life has to offer. My newfound passion for painting. The look on Curts face when I dance around the living room. My Mothers phone calls and texts just to say I love you.

Slowly but surely, I am coming to realize that Redding life isn't so bad.

Of course I miss my family and friends, but I have gained SO much perspective on life.. on what drives me.. what makes me whole, and  happy.

So thanks Redding.

(I never thought I would say this)

I appreciate the trial and tribulations you have caused me.

They made me stronger than I was.

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