Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day to Night.. A collaboration with the best in the Cosmetics Industry

Yesterday my boyfriend and I took a day trip to San Francisco to catch a glimpse of the salty sea, get a taste of the infamous Fishermans wharf clam chowder, and of course.. Shop our little hearts away ;)

First stop was the MAC Pro Store on Union Street. This store has always been one of my favorites, mostly due to the openness and friendly atmosphere. I was greeted by Carwin who may as well be the owner of the shop, with his unparalleled product knowledge, and great hosting skills. Carwin helped me find an array of products I needed for my kit, including a multitude of eyeshadows from the Pro collection, Full Coverage Foundations, Eyeliners, Lipglosses, Brush Cleansers, and more! It was an extraordinary experience to say the least and I will most definitely return! 

During this day trip I could not help but think about how badly I wanted to meet my new Fundamentalism palette from Illamasqua, sooner than later.. and I came home this morning to just that :) The mailman definitely made my day by dropping by my quad eyeshadow palette, which included two creme shadows! So refreshing to see something new! It is not common in the Cosmetic Industry to find pre-selected eyeshadow palettes in a variety of textures and consistency, but Illamasqua nailed it! Along with my palette, I also received my sealant gel, and my new teal lipstick Apocalips !

With all my new goodies I could not help but to create a couple of new looks! I thought to myself, wouldn't it be fun to abandon "brand loyalty" for a second and indulge? So with that, I created two looks, one for the day, and one bumped up for the night, using not only MAC or ONLY Illamasqua but instead using BOTH.. because who knows... we may be able to create a fabulous look with products from more than one brand..hmm.. what a concept ;) 

Here is the first look I came up with. This eyeshadow combination is meant to be worn in the daytime, preferably with a sundress and cowboy boots, or maybe a pair of your deepest denims and a mustard yellow top!

This look was created using eyeshadows from the MAC Pro line, as well as the Silver and the Mint toned cream shadows in the Illamasqua palette. 

To take this look from day to night, I added a second set of false eyelashes (also known as "double-stacking") I also added a MAC shadow (Carbon) and used my new Copper Pigment alongside the Illamasqua sealant to create a shimmery contrast to our sunset inspired day look! 

I absolutely LOVE taking the same look from earlier in the day and making it something completely new and different with just a couple of key products! It is a great way to try out new looks without having to start over from scratch! 

Lastly, I tried my new teal lipstick from Illamsqua to create an enticing option to the sometimes overused red lip :) 

Now for most of you, the concept of rocking a teal lip is going to seem a bit quirky.. if not outright terrifying.. but don't worry, I plan on blogging a few tricks of the trade in the future on how to make this teal a little less distracting ( if thats what you want, anyway). All of the cosmetic industry has been turned upside down by the creation of this lipstick that has been gracing runways worldwide. The idea is supposed to be that because green and red are complementary colors, the teal will actually deceive the eye into thinking it is red. Now... I don't necessarily agree with that. 

The lipstick is pretty teal if you ask me... but I don't really see a problem with that. Red has been over abused by too many for too long. It is no longer as "Daring" as we would like to think it is. More often than not you can walk into a room and see at least 3-5 woman in your surrounding area wearing the same shade of Red you are! 

So lets break free from Red for just a moment, embrace that inner rebel that we have been suppressing and start rocking the teals baby! 

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