Friday, March 23, 2012

Week of appointments

This week has been filled with a ton of amazing ladies coming through the studio, and a ton of beautiful makeup exiting it. I wanted to show a couple of my favorites of the week and give insight into how to accomplish these looks on yourself! 

 This post we will breakdown the makeup application I did on Tara, an amazing gal from Southern California who wanted a defined and contoured look incorporated into her makeup application. To achieve this we used a pressed powder on top of a sheer liquid foundation. This creates a flawless look without all the bulk of full coverage foundations. Use a P80 Precision Brush from Sigma Cosmetics. It is great when applying concealer as well! 

For Taras' eyeshadow we used Vanilla, Folie, All that Glitters, and Carbon from MAC Cosmetics

I adore MAC Brushes just as much as the rest, but for the same application and half the price I recommend Sigma Makeup Brushes. Most cosmetic companies bulk order products from China, Japan, or other miscellaneous companies, slap a label on, and call it a day. So in essence you are paying for the label.. not so much the quality. Done get me wrong.. there is a difference between animal fibers versus synthetic, etc. However when speaking of MAC and Sigma exclusively, there isn't very much of a difference. 

In order to create that contoured smokey eye, I recommend using any flat panel brush and swiping the highlight (Vanilla) beneath the brow. Next use the same flat panel to pack All that Glitters onto the base of the lid. Using a blending brush, dust Folie through the crease lightly while staying precise in your application. Finally, use a pencil brush to pack Carbon onto the side corner. 

Lightly apply a blush or bronzer such as Warm Soul by MAC from the base of the eardrum to the apples of the cheek. This will help to create a contoured and slender bone structure.

I love Maybelline Great Lash more than words can say! Maybe its because my childhood nickname was "Maybelle" or maybe it's because thats the only mascara my Mother has ever worn.. whatever the reason, it is an amazing product that works extremely well! 

I hope this post helps all of you gals out there get inspired and try out your own looks! Feel free to post them on my makeup page for me to check out, I love seeing what you all come up with! Makeup By Brittany

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