Wednesday, March 20, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things

Wrapping up our last day in Milan Italy, and I had to grab a few trinkets for the road. Here is a quick snapshot of the goods.

I went on a pastel whirlwind through vintage shops, Marc Jacobs, and of course my favorite store ever, Lush Cosmetics. Known for their "Bath Bombs," Lush makes cruelty free products look oh so good.. (Not that they normally aren't). With floral scented bubble baths, and bombs that turn your bath pastel pink (like the one I purchased), taking a bath has never been so pretty.

This is my little treat to myself for surviving a 6 week long escapade with more action than a Rambo movie. An engagement, my first fashion week (and London at that!), beauty blogging meetings with cosmetic companies, agency scouting, and sightseeing.. I think I deserve a bath if nothing else.. Right!?

In addition to my bath bomb, I was given an awesome miniature soap from Lush that smells like heaven! Perfect travel size as well!

After Lush I stopped by Marc Jacobs. There are always so many cute things in that store.. Always fun shopping.

I fell in love with this little pocket sized coloring pencil set. Even came with a handy pencil sharpener and eraser; perfect for my plane ride home doodles, or even my daily moments of inspiration.

I recommend everyone carry a set of coloring pencils with you in your bag.. At the very least a sharpie and a notebook. You never know when inspiration can hit you..

Lastly, I stumbled into the coolest (and most overpriced) vintage store in a hidden alleyway on the streets of Milan. After a brief haggling session, I was able to cop this brilliant 70's necklace. It has that infamous Mucha inspired girl embedded in a perfectly plastic coral toned setting. So kitschy. So good.

-Makeup by Brittany Martin-

Location:Via Varese,Milan,Italy

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