Saturday, March 16, 2013

What I realized today

Roaming around Milan Italy this morning.. Peeking into stores that sell things I could only dream to afford, I began to think.. "I wonder how these designers got their start?"

That's when I realized they were probably doing exactly what I am doing now.. Roaming around with a portfolio in hand.. Excited to show it to anyone and everyone who will look. They probably stayed up day and night, getting inspired and most importantly asking action. They probably waited years if not decades for their dreams to manifest.

That's when I realized..

The thing is.. I'm okay with that! I actually love it! Getting excited about every small accomplishment is way more appealing to me than just closing my eyes, opening them and already being where I want to be.

It's not about the end point, it's about the journey.

Here are a few images of my journey this morning in Italy. Enjoy!

-Makeup by Brittany Martin-

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